Our Mission

Joe D'Arezzo


Worksite Wellness & Personal Instruction


Yen Fong – Literally translated as “the sweet fragrance of a blossoming flower,” the central idea behind all thought and movement is to reflect the actions of nature.

Tai Chi Chuan – For health and self- defense Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and associated arts are featured. The Yang style is characterized by simplicity, fluidity and power.

Chair Massage – At-your-company chair massage is available by appointment.

Qigong Exercise – Qigong rejuvenates and increase internal strength. Qigong is an internal system of exercise employing slow relaxed movements, deep breathing and a meditative mental approach to movement.

Tui Na – Chinese acupressure massage.

Neck, Spine And Joints – These exercises should be the cornerstone of any physical activity or exercise program.

Lessons in stress reduction though self-massage and massage of others.